Terms and Conditions for the provision of Home & Office Cleaning Services – Kingsmaid Sale


If you are not completely happy with our service, then please tell us within 48 hours, in order that we can remedy the situation.

The Teams

  • All our teams are fully trained in our advanced cleaning technique designed to clean your home quicker and more thoroughly than most.
  • Our cleaning staff usually work in teams of two, but we reserve the right to work in teams of 3 or singularly.
  • They are uniformed and generally arrive in a fully liveried car.
  • All our staff are fully vetted and insured*.
  • They are our full time employees and you have no worries over national insurance and PAYE and liability insurance.
  • Staff will not eat, drink or smoke in your home.
  • We do endeavour to provide the same cleaning team where appropriate or requested. However this may not always be possible due to holidays, absences, varying cleaning frequencies & other commitments.
  • Our training and working practices are designed to ensure that we comply with all applicable health and safety regulations.

About our Home & Office Cleaning Service

  • Our ‘thorough’ clean will involve the thorough top to bottom dusting, wiping, vacuuming and mopping of all rooms. Bathrooms and Kitchens will be thoroughly cleansed. Although, it may be impractical for us to thoroughly clean all areas in a room e.g. access or time issues.
  • Our ‘quick clean’ involves the dusting and/or wiping of horizontal surfaces and the vacuuming and/or mopping of floors.
  • We can plan for designated rooms to be cleaned on a ‘quick clean’ basis and then at agreed intervals receive a ‘thorough clean’.
  • Certain tasks, such as the pulling out of beds and sofas (where appropriate) and the wiping down of certain tiled areas, can be completed on a rota basis. Please advise if you require any rota items completing on a clean.
  • Interior windows can be cleaned on a rota basis, however, if required we will clean them all at once.
  • We can plan your service so that we do specific tasks. We can do all the heavy cleaning or provide a more ‘housekeeping’ role such as washing, change bedding, general tidying a ‘helping hand’.
  • Our teams can provide ironing services, but we cannot provide a full guarantee for these services.
  • We are happy to work with you in prioritising the areas we clean, so that you get the maximum benefit from our time and services.
  • We prefer to work to your list of requirements or a Cleaning Schedule.
  • We will assess all jobs and work sites for any Health & Safety issues and Risks to our Staff. As such we may be unable to complete some or all tasks.
  • We provide all the cleaning equipment and supplies.
  • We will arrive on any agreed date but cannot specify a time. We are able to work between 8.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.
  • Bookings and charges are made by the ‘maid-hour’ and not a price for the job therefore we cannot guarantee completion of the clean or all the tasks’ if not enough time is booked e .g. a typical 4-maid hour clean would generally be completed by 2 staff for a 2 hour duration.
  • We are not responsible for any costs or losses you may incur due to a clean not taking place or taking place at a time different from your preferred time or date.
  • Completion of tasks is subject to us having the time to complete them.
  • We are not responsible for any additional costs you may incur as a result of a clean not being fully completed.


  • Uniformed teams, vetted staff & liveried cars, for you peace of mind.
  • We operate a fully coded key holding service.  We can operate a password system if required.
  • We are insured* to protect your home and our staff.

Customer Care

  • We want to keep in regular contact with you in order to ensure that you get the best possible service from Kingsmaid.
  • Please feel free to contact us by telephone, email or through our website.
  • All requests to amend or cancel bookings must be made to our office via telephone or email and not via cleaning teams.

Our Charges

  • The default payment method is by credit card, you are required to pay for your first regular clean and all one off cleans by credit card at the time of booking. These credit card details will be used to pay for subsequent cleans after each clean unless you pay on-line or have a direct debit or standing order in place. You can pay by cash on the day, however if payment is not made on the day then payment will be taken by credit card. If you do not have a direct debit or standing order in place please ensure we have details of your current credit card.
  • Credit facilities are by prior arrangement only.
  • Where payment is not made Kingsmaid reserves the right to take payment by our recurring debit/credit card facility.
  • For unpaid accounts there is a Late Payment Fee chargeable of the greater of 3% or £20 per calendar month.
  • All monies owing must be paid without offset, counter claim or other deductions.
  • Please note all accounts beyond our credit terms will be passed to our debt collection agency Judges Demand Limited. All accounts without exception will be subject to a surcharge of 15% plus Vat to cover our costs of recovery. These accounts will also be subject to any legal costs incurred in obtaining settlement. Should any part of the debt be for cleans which are required as part of the notice period but have not taken place you will no longer have the option of these cleans been completed once the debt has been passed to our debt collection agency.
  • On closure of your account a voucher will be placed on your account for the value of any credit. The voucher will be valid for a period of 6 months from the date of your last clean. Refunds are not available for expired vouchers.
  • In the event of us cancelling your service due to non-payment, the 4 week notice period charges will apply.
  • If you choose to not have some or all the cleans due in your notice period payment is immediately due for all cleans that would have fallen in your notice period. We reserve the right to take payment for these by credit card.
  • If free parking is not provided or not accessible the customer is responsible for any parking fees or fines. Payment for such will be taken from credit card on account unless other arrangements have been agreed by Kingsmaid in writing. Any time necessary above standard unloading and loading time due to failure to provide nearby or suitable parking will be deducted from the duration of the clean.

Special Circumstances

  • Special requests for additional services should be made 2 days before a service day. This ensures that these can be provided and payment agreed. However, we may be able to accommodate these on the service day. Please leave a note and we will invoice you accordingly.
  • If your scheduled service day falls on a public holiday, then this clean will be cancelled and you should contact us to re-arrange an alternative date.
  • We will treat your home with the greatest of care. Please inform us of any items that are particularly fragile, require special care or attention, (including any areas that may require special cleaning procedures or products) or are irreplaceable, so that we can make special arrangements for care, we are not responsible for any damage caused if we are not informed of special requirements.
  • We reserve the right to take photographs of any areas the cleaner(s) considers to be of concern. Any such photographs will be for our use only and will be deleted from the device they were taken on.

Your Obligations, Our Staff, Health & Safety and Risk Assessments

  • To provide a safe working environment for our staff, e.g. safe electrical appliances, securely fixed wardrobes, cupboards, shelves etc. and advise us of any risks to our staff. If you ask staff to use your electrical appliances please ensure that they are PAT tested. Use of your products and equipment is at your risk and is not covered by our insurance.
  • During and after a Kingsmaid visit you should expect floors and surfaces to be wet and cleaning products and equipment may be left unattended. We do not accept liability for any accidents that may arise as a result of this. It is your responsibility to take any necessary precautions to safeguard yourself, any children, vulnerable adults or any third parties who have access to your property. Our staff can not clean any areas that they cannot safely reach by using a 2-step step ladder.
  • During the period of this agreement and for a period of 12 months after the termination of this agreement, you, the client will not employ or engage the services in any capacity of any staff that are currently or have been employed or introduced to you by Kingsmaid. Kingsmaid reserves the right to claim any damages, loss of earnings, recruitment costs, training costs and any court costs where appropriate, subject to a minimum charge of £1000 plus VAT.
  • Please ensure that access is provided. Otherwise we are obliged to charge.
  • We can devote more of our time in providing you with the best of our professional services should you spend a few moments tidying before we arrive.


  • Should you be unable to commence your cleaning service after payment of the initial fee, this can be refunded subject to a £20 administration fee plus any fees incurred for late cancellation.
  • Please contact us, giving us at least 3 full working days notice if you do not want a particular clean.
  • Cancellations for individual cleans require 3 full working days notice in order to re-schedule our team and avoid having to charge you. If the required notice is not given the charges below are applicable.
  • ‘Working days’ are Monday to Friday, excluding bank Holidays. Whilst we do undertake some weekend and Bank Holiday cleans these are outside of our office hours and so are not classed as working days for the purposes of cancellations.
  • Notice period and charges for individual cleans:
    • Cleans less than 6 hours duration:
           3 full working days; nil
           2 working days; 25% of original fee
           1 working day; 33% of original fee
           Same day; 50% of original fee
           Upon arrival; 75% of original fee
           Upon commencement; full original fee
    • Cleans of 6 hours or more duration:
           3 full working days; nil
           2 working days; 33% of original fee
           1 working day; 50% of original fee
           Same day; 75% of original fee
           Upon arrival; 100% of original fee
    • Cancellation of Multiple Cleans:
      If all cleans are cancelled in a 6 week period the service will be considered ‘on hold’. When the service is placed ‘on hold’ the notice period will apply, however this fee will be credited to the customer account and will be able to be used to off set the value of cleans should the regular service recommence within a 6 month period  or within a time agreed in writing by Kingsmaid. A regular service of the cleans due in a 6 week must be taken in order for the ‘on hold’ credit to be used. Should the service not recommence within this time the fee will be considered a cancellation of service fee and cannot be used as a credit for cleans.
  • Cancellation of the Service:
    • After we have provided 2 months service, we will require a notice period of 4 weeks for the cancellation of the service. Should our services not be required during the notice period then you will be invoiced for the full price of the cleans that we would expect to provide in one calendar month. Should your service frequency be less than 28 days then 1 clean is required as a notice period clean.
    • Notice period cleans must be taken and/or paid for during the period that the cleans would have normally taken place.
    • We do not offer credit facilities during cancellation notice periods. You are required to pay for the cleans in your notice period no later than the same day of each clean. Unless payment has already been made payment will be taken for each clean by credit card.
    • In order to benefit from the regular service prices or any regular service discounts or special offers a minimum of 6 cleans is required. If the service is cancelled before 6 cleans have taken place the standard one off fee will be payable for all cleans already completed.


  • We are fully insured for public liability, employer’s liability, and consequential loss of keys.
  • Our accidental damage insurance is subject to an excess of £100 and excludes damage caused by the use or spillage of bleach. We do not provide cover for accidental damage for the first £100 of any loss. Please arrange your own insurance cover for the excess. Our insurance does not cover use of your products and equipment, if you require us to use your products and/or equipment then this is done entirely at your own risk.
  • All our teams are fully trained and endeavour to treat your home and possessions with the greatest care.


  • If you have just cause for complaint please contact us within 48hours in order that we can return and rectify the matter for you.
  • The terms and conditions may be varied and a current version is available at www.kingsmaid.co.uk/sale

Services are provided by Kingsmaid Sale. These T&C’s extend to all the listed Kingsmaid Companies.