History of Kingsmaid

20+ Years Experience

History of Kingsmaid Home Cleaning Business

Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning was established in 2003 in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

We quickly became successful because we established a professional system in maintaining a consistently high standard, consistent and reliable, domestic cleaning service. Our customers recommended us to their friends and the business quickly grew.

The aim of our service is to always ensure that we provide a dependable, consistent and reliable home cleaning service, every time.

Here’s how we grew...

Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning fleet of cars
In 2002, Sharron and Mark were looking to invest in a new business and started Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning. A lot of planning and investment went into the setting up of Kingsmaid as the vision was to create a ‘Truly Professional Domestic Cleaning Company’. This planning and investment has never stopped. Everyday, we seek to improve, if only a little. But we are always trying to improve.

From the start it was recognised that Kingsmaid would need to employ ‘nice, honest people who had a sense of pride’ People that we could train to be the very best cleaners, people who would want to be the best cleaners.

We recognised that cleaning is methodical and can be taught, but being comfortable with people in their home is very much a quality that has to come natural.

We wanted Kingsmaid to have the highest standards of customer service, a principle that the founders had always adhered to in their other businesses. Again, employing nice people would be a great start and the training follows.

So, in 2003 we sent out our first leaflets, did some local advertising, yellow pages and then finally the phone rang. Our first customer call was answered with great enthusiasm, but the customer said ‘hello is that ‘Kingsmill?’. How disappointing was that? A complaint about bread!

Nevertheless, we did get plenty of calls and we completed our first cleans. Sue Marshall was our first Head Cleaner. Sue was a manageress in one of the founders businesses and the plan was to mix the duties whilst the business grew. Sue moved over to Kingsmaid and is still with us today. She enjoys working as a Kingsmaid Team Leader around the Knutsford area. Kingsmaid also became the business focus of Sharron and Mark as their other interests were sold.

Kingsmaid’s first office was the study in their family home. However Kingsmaid quickly outgrew those surroundings, as it was creating a battle between family life and business.

New offices were found at our present location in Romiley at Chadkirk Business park. Our customer base continued to grow as we started to gain an enviable reputation.

The Kingsmaid office support team now guides a large number of cleaning teams, who provide the Home & Office Cleaning Service.

In 2008 we added carpet cleaning and oven cleaning to our list of services.

Overall, Kingsmaid has been great success that all the staff are very proud of. It has not been easy, but the aim of delivering a consistent and reliable service has driven the cleaning business to be, probably, the most successful cleaning business in Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire. It helps that the people employed in our cleaning business are nice, professional people. All take great pride and care in their duties. The staff, Area Supervisors, Team Leaders, Cleaning Staff, Office Management and Staff are all key and paramount to the success of Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning.

We are a ‘team’ that deliver our great service to our valued customers. And when it occasionally goes wrong (very occasionally), we have our Service Guarantee so we always put it right.

In 2003, the aim of our service was to always ensure that we provide a dependable, consistent and reliable home cleaning service, every time. The planning and investment has never stopped. Every day we seek to improve, if only a little, but we are always trying to improve.

The vision has, in our opinion, created a ‘Truly Professional Domestic Cleaning Company’.